Tuesday, January 3, 2012

passing of time

Happy new year!

Each year seems to pass a little faster than the one before. As a kid, time passed so slowly...now I wish it would feel that way again. Some things about growing up are sad, this is one of those things. I need to learn to slow down...to not have to fill every moment with something productive.

This year, I have no goals for my weight like I usually do, but am intead concentrating on becoming healthier. I have been having serious problem with my digestive system again. It seems I have been having troubles for years now, off and on. I don't like doctors and I don't like hearing bad news so I have been putting this off since I got back from vacation in October. I suspect I have some type of gluten intolerance/allergy. Maria thinks I might have IBS. I enjoy learning to eat healthier but I want it to be my choice, not forced upon me by some syndrome or illness. Ugh! So, my goal is to actually go to the doctor to get this figured out once and for all so I can feel better.

Also, I need to concentrate on getting to sleep. I stay up entirely too late (part of not being able to slow down and relax). I am so tired that I have no energy or desire to get out on my bike. I do want to...just not enough to make it happen. I don't like feeling sluggish the way I have been. I am starting by giving myself an 11 o'clock bedtime. Still too late but far better than what I've been doing.

Again, I am setting a goal to read the entire triple combination.

And I also have a goal to finish at least 3 of the projects I've started over the years that just sit there, partially completed.

Just four goals...shouldn't be too hard, but I have an idea it will take some work.


Anonymous said...

That's a neat picture! It is true about time. And it goes faster and faster! (I never did believe older people who told me that when I was young..ha) My oldest daughter has digestive problems. Drugs such as prilosec and nexium didn't help (yet they helped a son of mine immensely). When drugs don't help, it is probably something more serious. In her case, her gall bladder is not functioning (after various tests and c-scans) and so she is having it removed next week. (my grandma had her's removed when she was younger too). I hope you find out your problem...must be frustrating. And yes, sleep! That is so important, probably even more so then what we eat. love,andrea

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

These sound like good goals. I am right with you about going to the doctor... but i hope you get things figured out soon. Love you and miss you!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks, Andrea. Yes, if only we listened to the older people who were trying to tell us all kinds of things we ignored. Life would have been a lot simpler.

Thanks for the well wishes, both of you.

Love and miss you too, Heather!

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