Sunday, December 18, 2011

painted vases (for the party)

Here's a super easy project I did for the Grinch party. I got these two vases at a thrift store half off so they were less than a dollar for both of them. I bought a small tube of acrylic paint in the color I wanted.

I poured some into the bottom of the vases and swished them around until the insides were completely covered. Then I let them dry for a few days before I put the fillers in it.

Here's what they looked like finished. It has the sheen from the glass but the color I wanted. I liked this one.

I made two and filled them with the same things. They were used on the food tables. Don't you just love this budget friendly dish?! "A crumb too small for even a mouse." Pretty funny. :o) That was someone else' idea. The name card holders were made by the same woman who had that idea and beaded by the girls in the play while they waited for their rehearsal.

And here's another this I put together for the food tables. It's just a small 2 foot tree that I bent over and added a large ornament to. I added a spray that had pom poms in red, white and lime green but that was after this pic was taken.


Anonymous said...

So cute! (the crumb) and the vases are such a neat idea....I never would've known to do that! A nice green too. And the tree..ha...that story sure is a classic! love,andrea

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks. I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest...I'm not very creative on my own.

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