Thursday, December 8, 2011

cake guts & bracelets

Here's the guts from the rainbow cake. It turned out pretty neat. The kids were excited by the rainbow.

Here's the bracelets I made for the girls. They are super simple. Thank you to Debbie for teaching me about crimp beads and how to use them when I was visiting. They are really useful.

And while I had stuff out, I threw these two together as well, for myself. The others are too small for me...but my Faith in God leader wanted one and they fit her so she got one.

Most of these ideas, I got from Pinterest...the cake and two of the bracelets. I am no good at coming up with original ideas but I can copy pretty well! ;o)


Us said...

The bracelets look great! I'm sure you're great at coming up with your own projects, but Pinterest sure makes it easy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff:o)!
I am back to blogging. I couldn't get the same account name so my blog name is a little different. It looks like you had a great trip back home! And the cake is so neat (alot of work and clean up) and bracelets too. love,andrea p.s...I didn't keep any blog names, so I've slowly been jogging my memory...and I was checking on my summer pickles and some looked fermented and I thought of you!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks to boh of you.

I wondered what happened to you, Andrea. I'm glad you're back. I will visit your blog when I get a chance. Thanks for finding me again :o) Were you trying for fermented pickles, or was that a mistake?

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