Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paper ornaments

I made two kinds of paper ornaments and somehow I managed to make 40 of the more complicated ones and only about 15 of the less complicated ones.

For the easy one, all I had to do was take 5 strips of paper, 1 of the center color and two of the other colors. I left the outer 2 strips full length, cut a couple of inches off the next color strips and about 4 inches off the center strip. Then simply stapled the ends together with a string for hanging snugged in there. I made two sizes, long and short. Most of them were short though.

The next kind was the ones I prefered which is probably why I made so many more of them. Adam had the bright idea of making a template and it really did move it along much faster. They look more complicated than they are, really.

These are more Whovillesque, don't you think? I used all the colors from the book in this one.

Here's the template. It's made using a square of cardstock. Mine were 8". Then you cut squares out of the center leaving two sides still attached on a slant...that is the main stem for your ornament. (I am sure these nistructions aren't great, sorry.) You take the first two triangles and wrap them around to meet on one side and tape together. Then the next size up, you fold in the opposite direction and tape together. Then repeat again, alternating sides they get folded to...but the outer two layers I was able to use the stapler on.

Here's a pic of a single one...maybe it will help fill in any gaps my instructions left out.
I stapled a string onto one end for hanging.

Like I said, the gym as big and my decorations just didn't seem like enough. All of these were hung on strings at ceiling level.


Andrea said...

Wow, they are beautiful! You are meticulous too! I like them on your chandelier. Even in the large gym they look pretty. love,andrea

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

these look great! you did so much work! did anyone help you?!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks, Andrea. (I would still make more though, had I known...but it didn't stress me that it was kind of barren, I was just ready for it to be over at that point.)

Thanks, Heather. Adam and another woman helped to wrap some of the boxes (we had over 50) but aside from that, I did these alone. That's why I was MIA here for so long.

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