Friday, July 15, 2011

peas get to climb

Saturday will be a "dog condo" building party (we'll be building some kind of shelter for the dogs to get in out of the rain when we leave them out and a storm pops up before we can get home...there will be at least two different structures) at our house so I told Adam I would be going over to the garden to weed last night instead. He told me he'd come with me. We stopped at Ace to buy some poles and twine to string up some lines for the peas to climb. I throught the green beans would need it to but they don't have any tendrils so we didn't put any up for them...seems weird to me.

While Adam and James were pounding the poles into the ground and tieing up the twine, I got busy with the "claw" a weeding implement. It is circular with twisted blades. You punch it in to the ground and twist it. It loosens the dirt and makes it much easier to pull the weeds out since the roots are already loosened.

At one point, Adam was walking around holding his hand funny. He hit his finger with the mallet while putting a pole in. A couple minutes later, he was back to work...but James was now doing the pounding while Adam was the one handing him the poles. When they were done pounding, James started tying off the twine and propping the peas up on the lowest tier. Adam took the claw from me and I got to work pulling the weeds while he clawed the dirt.

The misquitos were everywhere! I was down there with them and they were loving it! A picture of an elephant covering itself in dirt came to mind...from a nature show I watched once. They do that to keep the bugs at bay. So I took my gloves off and started rubbing dirt all over my arms. It worked pretty well too.

Adam only did a certain amount of rows since we were running out of time before the storm was moving in. He finished clawing and took some pictures before we completely lost our light.

The garden in the foreground is the smaller of the two. That one got completely weeded and it looks great! The garden I'm kneeling in is about twice the size of the front one and the furrows are run different directions from each other. You can see all the grass and weeds popping up between the furrows. We'll have to go back on Moday after work to finish up.

Because Adam was so calm and continued working, I had no idea that he had really hurt himself with the mallet. This is what he did. OUCH!! He kept his hand out of the dirt so it didn't get dirty. When we got home, he soaked it in peroxide and cleaned it up. It still hurts my stomach thinking about it. I hope he heals up fast, poor guy!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Well Adam has good healthy- looking and clotting blood! And he is brave too. Your garden is a real garden! That is what I want! I grew up with gardens like that! Of course, I'd have to move first...that is the problem. And I'd have to move further away in order to get more for our we have to wait until my husband retires...which could be not too long. love,andrea

Anonymous said...

p.s...I've tried to train my dog to stay outside so we can be free to travel luck. She won't even go into our garage.

Tiff :o) said...

Andrea, you may have a friend or neighbor with more land who is willing to let you use their land...that's what this is. We didn't get our garden prepared this year so I gave up on having a garden but our friend, who lives in another town, said we could use her garden area she hasn't used in a few years. It's got rich soil so we took her up on that offer. Since we have never had a garden, we don't know what we're doing and they give us advice. In turn, they'll get as much produce from it as they want. The garden I was working on at home was nowhere near this big. So now I will have to work on making my home garden much bigger for next year when I hope to be able to use it. :o)

Tiff :o) said...

Your dog won't go outside at all?

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Your garden is looking good! All the hard work is paying off! Sorry about Adam's finger. It just hurts my stomach!

Anonymous said...

Hi again. My dog prefers to sleep all day in her crate! We have to tip it to make her go out...then she tries to run in when someone comes in the door! I have to admit, she is low maintenance! She is 5 years old now, and acts like she is alot older. love,andrea

Valerie said...

I didn't realize you cultivate so much space !! this is great ! and you had me smile when reading about your natural mosquitoe repellent -sorry don't know hox to write it)
but ouch it hurts to see your husband's finger i hope it will heal easy & fast.

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