Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bathroom cabinets

Just a warning, there are lots pictures...

In October 2010, I just got back from my bike trip and my bike was broken so I decided to tackle a house project. I chose to redo my master bath cabinets. I got started and realized I didn't have a before picture. So with one door already undone, I took the before picture.

I chose a color as close to the tiles as I could get. The color is called "parmesan", a slight off white. I sanded the doors and bases. I didn't completely strip off the staid, just enough so the paint would have something to hold on to. Then I rolled on a wood primer. I think it took 3 layers before I was happy with the coverage.

I had to get a picture of everything just painted white because I waited months before getting the courage to apply the glaze. The guy at Home Depot told me I should practice before putting it on the actual doors. That most people weren't able to do a good job so if I practiced, I could get hired to do it for others. That's not my goal but it was my goal to not comlpetely ruin my nice paint job.

I finally took the plunge and glazed my first door (without practicing first). It's really easy. You paint a layer of glaze on. It doesn't have to be uniform but you do need to work it in the crevices. Then you take a rag and wipe it off. The longer you let it sit, the more it sticks to the door. Here's the first glazed door nextto a painted one for contrast.

After that pic, I went back and wiped off some more glaze because it looked too heavy on the glaze for my tastes. Handling the doors was making my hands sticky and I managed to get my finger prints all over the last door. No problem, just put a new layer of glaze down and wipe it down. All evidence will be gone.

Thursday night, Adam told me I could go get the hinges for the cabinets. That was all I needed. I was going to finish this project over the 3 day weekend if it killed me! Friday night, I finally got the bases glazed. And I went and got the hinges as well as the twine I needed for the handles.

I was hoping to find already made rope in the color and size I wanted but that didn't happen so I bought twine in the color I wanted. I cut off a small length of 6 pieces of twine and played around with it until I liked the rope. You remember that rope braid that took me three weeks to learn? Well, that's what I used to make the rope.

Saturday morning, I walked my dogs for 2 hours, then Adam asked me to help on a tow. Three hours later, I was at home again and decided to do my grocery shopping. When I got home, Adam had decided he wanted to go to the church 4th of July party. So we went and we enjoyed ourselves. I really wanted to call my dad but I had learned that morning that I needed to make dessert for the family dinner for Sunday so I baked a 2 layer cake and did the dishes and by then, it was already 11:30. Sigh. Not a scrap of work done. Sunday was spent at church and then we went over to the family dinner where I unveiled my cake (that'll be another post). We were there until late and I got to call and talk to my mom and dad. Monday morning, we woke up and got the dogs fed then made a couple sides for a bbq we were going to. We got our sides made then headed over to our garden for some weeding. Most things are poking up out of the ground now. It's so exciting! We then headed straight to the bbq where we chatted, ate and swam in their pool. It was lots of fun. It started to rain really hard so we had to go rescue the dogs who were trapped outside in it. So, Monday at about 4, I finally actually got to work on it!

I drilled my holes bigger for the handles on all 6 doors.

I made what I thought would be enough rope. Turned out to only be enough for 4. Looks like real rope, huh? I guess that's why they call it a rope braid. ;o)

I made the two knots so the handle would stay in place. Then I taped the edges and slipped them through the holes.

Once I got them through the holes, I pulled upward to tighten the knot on the front side. I then removed the tape and unraveled the rope. I tied the knots on the backside. I pulled each of the 6 strings individually, otherwise, there would be loose strings. Then, I took 3 in one hand and 3 in the other and pulled apart to tighten the knot as much as I could.

Then, I applied glue into the knot and on all sides of it and cut the extra length of twine. The glue dries clear so you son't notice it.

I did run out of rope so I had to make some more. But finally, all had their handles attached.

I ran upstairs and put the new hinges on the doors. I went to put the first door on the base and realized I had bought the wrong hinges!! Nooo!!!!!! I took them all off and ran to the store to get the right ones. I got there at 7:30, they closed at 8. I put the new hinges on...the right ones this time. I had to detach some of the doors and rearrange them so they would close right. Adam had to help me figure that one out.

I stood back and survey my work...Do you see it too?? There are two fake drawers on top that needed handles too!

All the while, it had been raining and the dogs were being clingy. Jasmine and Tucker were helping me out...then Bear joined too. I ran back down stairs and made some more rope. Ran back up, drilled the holes (with Adam's help because I kept catching nails and it wouldn't work for me). I attached the handles and was so tired that I didn't even sweep up the saw dust all over the room.

Close up of the handles.

Left cabinet

Right cabinet.

Woohoo! 8 months later, it's finally done!!! I finally finished a project!! It feels so good and the fact that I like how it turned out is an even greater feeling.

Now, what can I glaze next? ;o)


Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

Those look awesome! I would love it if you would link up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now: http://www.craftyconfessions.com/2011/07/tuesday-confessional-link-up-2.html. I hope to see you soon!
~Macy from Confessions of a SAHM

Cynthia said...

The rope handles look great! Smart idea!

Valerie said...

Feel free to come glaze my cabinets. :) Wish I were as talented and ambitious as you so mine could be so pretty.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

They look so good! Good job, Tiff!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Beautiful renovation! Thanks for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

Tanya said...

Very cute. I love the rope handle idea.

Tiff :o) said...

I totally would do it, Valerie, if I was ever there long enough to get it done.

Thanks for the compliments. :o)

Valerie said...

excellent !!
we did some rope handles, too, at the place we rented before we bought this house. but I was not as ambitious I bought the rope !!
congratulations, really you did a great job !
I usualy do the painting at home, but i'm frustrated at the moment because all the jobs have to be started by my husband first, and there is nothing i can do by myself so i'm... waiting & waiting :(

Brandi said...

Great job! love the rope handles.

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