Saturday, July 16, 2011

The little red hen and other ramblings

We had this book growing up about a hen who made bread from scratch.

She went to the field and planted the wheat, she tended the wheat, she gathered it, she carried it to the mill and back and at each step she asked her "friends" if they would help her. No one ever did. No one helped her bake it either. But when it came time to eat it, they all magically appeared ready to eat. She didn't let them because they hadn't helped.

As a child, I was less interested in the moral of the story. I was more fascinated with everything she did and felt bad for her friends that they didn't get any bread. I thought the hen was a little mean even. But as I've experienced a little more of life and grown in knowledge, it reminds me of a quote by someone who I can't remember. I can't quote it exactly since I can't find it anywhere but I will paraphrase the best I can. "Our trials are our own and no one else can have the blessings we get from enduring our trials." We are blessed with trials to not only prepare us and refine us but to bless us also. Only through enduring can we receive those blessing our Heavenly Father wants to give us.

I was reminded of this little story because I was getting ready to make bread last night and I reached for the wheat flour, I realized I didn't have nearly enough. I was going to call Lanette and see if she had any I could have but then I remembered that I have a wheat grinder now. Barry and Lanette gave it to me. We also received a bunch of wheat (and other items) from a couple who were moving and didn't want to take their food storage with them. If anything, I am one of the friend's of the little red hen but in my case, I was blessed with the bread anyway, even though I didn't labor for it.

Financially things have been tough. In the last month, I've only spent $90 on food and I haven't felt deprived of anything...the milk seems to last longer, the meat stretches further, neighbors share their garden's all works out in the end. It's these kinds of things that have shown us that we are being looked after, that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us in our trials, as little as they may be compared to others' trials. How could I be unhappy with life when I have everything I need...and then some? No, I don't have everything I want, maybe someday I will, maybe I never will....but that's not something I have control over so I have given my worries (as best I can) over to the Lord and he takes care of me and comforts me. Life is good!


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

What a great outlook you have! I am sorry that, finacially, things are rough right now. I feel your pain there! But I am glad you can see the hand of the Lord in your life. and $90 on groceries?! wow... that is just impressive!

Valerie said...

oh. my first comment was "eaten" :(
i was saying thank you for the reminder, including this story which was the one my grandmother would tell me very often (i almost had tears in my eyes)
i leave in the euro zone where everything is more expensive so i can't compared but i trust this amount is pretty good !
when we made the choice i wouldn't work out of the house, we knew we would have to budget and my late thirties with a baby were really tough. even now : no iphones, no fancy appliances, no ski vacation but traveling with a low-cost company, no restaurant/take-away dinner only on occasions like birthdays, no expensive clothes, nno house renovation in a wink but rather in the hard way...
however the warmth of a family, and most time quality time & happiness don't depend on money, do they ?
although i trust you're doing a great job & let the Lord be your light, i hope things will improve for you financially xo

Valerie said...

i wanted to say my early thirties ... but no big deal...

Andrea said...

Hi Tiff:o)
That is impressive....When I first married, 32 years ago, I spent $33/week on groceries. We had plenty...things must've been alot cheaper back then! Now what I need to do is cut out the non-food items in my shopping cart...that is what eats up my food budget, as my remaining family (3 of us) (living) at home here "eat like birds"! Once your gardens are producing, you will have alot! love,andrea

Valerie said...

Wonderful thoughts and I'm so glad things have worked out for you to have what you need.

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks...I am also living off of food storage so we're eating more than that, just using up what we already have.

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