Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tucker's first playdate

When Adam and I went to deliver Christmas candy, we gave some to Matt's mom, Ronita. Matt is Maria's finacee. She just happens to live in the same subdivision as us now. She has two small dogs of her own and is dogsitting 2 golden retrievers. I happened to mention that Tucker barked at Desi on our walk and Adam piped in with the fact that he wasn't used to be around other dogs. So Ronita graciously invited Tucker to come over and play with the four dogs...or at least the 2 more lively ones. Tomorrow Maria and Matt are cooking dinner for both sides and it is at Ronita's. So I will be showing up early with Tucker while Matt & Maria work and Tucker will have his first playdate. I think once he gets over the inital fear and shock he will LOVE playing with dogs more playful than the built-in playmates he's used to here. I'll let you all kow how it goes. I'm really excited to get to socialize Tucker! I certainly don't need another Bear or Jack on my hands.

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