Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can different species be related?

I pose this question because I came across some old pictures of Gracie.

For those who don't remember Gracie, she was a kitten we got from American West Heritage Center. She was on death's doorstep when we got her. She was skin and bones and didn't move much. Adam was getting ready to move to Boise and he thought she would make good company. In return, he would nurse her back to health then find her a good home before me and the dogs woved out there. No cat would live long living in the same house as Bear. So that's exactly what happened. (Adam got a text message with a pic of Gracie that said she was doing really well and she loved the other cat in the house.)

So, back to the question...

They would have made such cute house mates!


Valerie said...

Cute! And that's so nice of Gracie's new family to keep you guys updated about her. :)

Us said...

You remember how we used to say people had "time twins?" Maybe this is the animal equivalent. Something like species twins?

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