Friday, December 11, 2009

First timed run

On Wednesday, I took the dogs for a bike ride each before our group walk. The bike rides weren't long...a little over a mile each. But I was expecting it to take the edge off their energy. Guess what, it didn't! But I timed Bear. We got off to a good start, we rounded the corner a little slowly since a car was parked in the way and then got going up to speed again. We were doing fine as we climbed the hill (a little slower than the pace we needed to be doing) when a car drove by us and we had to move too close to a yard with a barking dog on a line in it. Bear stopped to check it out. He didn't charge it or anything, he justs stopped. But I got his attention pretty quickly. The car passed and I had to try to get going again while on an uphill. We finally got back up to speed. When all was said and done, we hit 1/4 mile at 1:16. We did another practice run on that ride but Bear was already tired so he wasn't really sprinting and we ended with a time of 1:19. 16+ seconds seems like a lot of time to shave off but given the right circumstances (flat course with no cars or dogs) we can kill that old record, I know it. I'm hoping I can take Bear somewhere flat this weekend to time him.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Sounds like a good start! Keep it up and you will blow that old record out of the water!

Chris said...

Does it have to be an uphill area, or could it be done somewhere like a high school track?

Tiff :o) said...

It has to be flat...I just live in a hilly area and I didn't have time to go somewhere so I just timed him from the house. I drove around to some schools in the area over the weekend and they all lock up their tracks. One even had a sign that said no pets which didn't matter since it was locked anyway. There's a reason why Georgia has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. Do you bike with your dog too?

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