Monday, December 21, 2009

The awful, unexpected, horrible, terrible surprise

I got home from work and let the dogs inside. We were getting ready for a walk when I noticed Jasmine wouldn't stop gnawing at her foot. I watched har walk and she seemed ok. I glanced at her foot and I didn't noticeanything off hand. So I went ahead and got everyone's harnesses on. We stepped oiutside and just a few steps into the walk ,Jasmine lifted her foot and didn't want to put any weight on it. That is no good! I lifted her paw and looked at it again. Something brown and lumpy. I thought it looked like a splinter ut I could't tll for sure. Adam came home and checked it out. Yes, a giant splinter going from one end of her big pad to the other. You could see its form under the skin of her pad. He pulled out a piece of it but it broke. The piece he got was only half of it and it was so big...way bigger than any other splinter I've ever had. Unfortunately, the vet is colsed. I put neosporin on it and wrapped it up so she can't gnaw at it and make it worse. The vet had better numb her because I was almost crying with how much pain she seemed to be in when Adam pulled the one piece out.

I took off everyone's harnesses and put them away. All the dogs are very upset that we only went to the edge of the yard and back in. They don't understand at all. Poor dogs. I wish I could take the other dogs out but I don't want Jasmine to be running around like crazy, upset she didn't get to go too....which is what happens with any of the dogs when they get left behind. No, tonight is R&R for Jasmine, and by default, the rest of them.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Hope she gets better soon! Sorry she's in pain. She's lucky to have you to take care of her.

Valerie said...

EWWWW! That really does sound painful going all the way across the pad. Poor girl. I'm glad you figured out what it was and were able to take her to get it taken care of.

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