Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit with the Mendoza's

The Mendoza's came to visit and I had a good time while they were here. Unfortunately, I had to work but we were able to spend the evenings and Saturday together. On Wednesday night, after my class, we met at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We came back to the house and stayed up too late for pretty much everyone.

On Thursday, after they came back to eat lunch, I finished work and went with them to Walmart. After that, we drove seperately to the park. I brought the dogs. Alex walked Bear, Elisa walked Jasmine and I walked Jack while Sabrina stayed with Valerie at the playground. The dogs got plenty of exercise and were tired for the rest of the day. Alex and Elisa kept the dogs until Bear jumped on Alex after he did something Bear got defensive about...don't know what it was. So, I switched dogs with him and put Bear in a time out. When Sabrina finished playing, we went back to the house and played Sneaks. We took a break to make dinner. We had vegetable stuffed meatloaf, mashed potatoes and homemade bread. After finishing sneaks (those Mendozas are very sneaky!) we played Walk the Dogs. For dessert, we had Decadent Peanut Butter Pie. I showed the kids the owl pellet I had found. They didn;t want to touch it but they all stood around, watching me pluck the bones out. We found a tiny pelvis with 1 vertebrae attached, a foot, or hand, completely attached (that was the coolest thing!) and a bunch of little bones, a bunch of vertebrates and a bunch of broken flatish bones. There were some bones I couldn't figure out what they were and a part of a jaw.

On Friday, they spent the day out again while I worked. After they came back for lunch, we went to the Snake River Gorge. We went out to the area where I camped and climbed the rocks trying to get a picture of a gopher (that's what I've concluded after a little research on the internet). Valerie climbed highest but it got away. We made the drive back to the main parking lot so everyone could use the restroom. We walked across the dam. The water was spewing out of the dam. The wind was blowing so hard that everyone's ahir was flying wildly. After that, we drove back on the road and walked on a short nature trail to the canyon overlook. Elisa and Sabrina lagged behind collecting small rocks along the way. We ate dinner at Idaho Pizza Company then went to the arcade type place. Sabrina and I boarded a roller coaster simulator. IT went upside down and turned in all different directions. She had a great time, laughing and holding her hands up in the air. After we got off, Elisa and Alex were going to ride it but Elisa decided she didn't want to so Sabrina rode with Alex. Valerie had bought a card with $50 on it and we spent a lot of time trying to play enough games to empty the card. After playing for a couple of hours, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. After returning home, it was stright to bed because it was so late.

On Saturday, poor Alex was not feeling too hot but he was a good sport. We went to Celebration Park after breakfast with lunch in the cooler. Celebraton Park was supposed to have quite a few rocks with indian petroglyphs. But we were only able to find one. Elisa spotted it. Alex had to stop and rest now and then. Most of us wore our coats but it got so hot! We ended up back at the house for lunch. We ate on the back deck. Adam called as we were finishing up and asked if people wanted to meet him at the frozen yogurt shop to say goodbye. So we went there. The cash register locked up while we were there so Adam got to fix it so we could be on our way. We all said goodbye to each other after finishing our yogurts.

Thanks for coming guys!


Stella Andes said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time! I wish we could have come again and stayed longer. Great pictures, and they show how adventurous you all are!

Valerie said...

You are so quick putting this up. We had a good time. Thanks for letting 4 of us stay at your house! You got great photos.

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