Friday, April 24, 2009

I lost my crown

Yesterday, after lunch, Adam and I went to the storage shed and bought some boxes so he could ship some work stuff to someone in Utah. While there, I found a brochure for a pace called Camp Bow Wow. It's a doggy day care that sounded really cool. I wanted to see it so Adam said he would take me there to see it. There was a little bowl of candy on the counter of the storage shed. They had bit-o-honey and I haven't had that in a long time o I took one. I popped it in my mouth and almost instantly, I noticed an off taste I kept it in my mouth for a few seconds before it got to be so nasty that I couldn't stand it. I spit it out into the wrapper. Something seemed odd about it so I looked closer. One of the crowns I had had put in last year came out with the candy. It's been almost 24 hours and I still taste like I'm sitting in the dentist's chair...disgusting! So I'm going to have to make an appointment to have it put back on.

We drove over to Camp Bow Wow and one of the "camp counslers" gave us a tour. There are three areas for the different sized dogs so the little ones don't get bullied by the big ones. Each size group has their own indoor play area attached to an outdoor play area. So the dogs get to play with other dogs which is such a great idea!!! Then, at feeding times, they take the dogs to their various "cabins" (what they call the kennels). The dogs stay in there for 1 1/2 hours after eating so they digest their food before playing again which lowers the chance of a dog getting bloat. The kennels are actually good sized. The ones for large dogs can actually house 2-3 dogs. Since the dogs are in play areas with other dogs and are handled by people multiple times a day, the dogs have to have a behavioral evaluation before being allowed to go to day Jasmine would be my only dog that would stand a chance of being able to go there... not that I was really planning on taking my dogs there. I just wanted to see it. I think that that is the coolest setup. I think they have something like that at the humane societies should have. The dogs would be so much happier during their stays there. Something like that, with a large training room would be a great business, I think.

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Valerie said...

I'm sorry about your tooth! That is expensive work.

It sounds like a good business for you. That's a funny name.

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