Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adam's farewell party

Adam's friends, Mike and his wife Jeanine and Paul and his girlfriend Misty threw Adam a ging away party last night. There were about 10 people at the dinner. Mike and Jeanine made kebabs (some without onions for Adam), Andrea, another one of their friends, made some kind of Asian noodles, Paul and Misty made brownies and I brought fruit salad. We ate dinner and shortly afterward, people started arriving to play poker. I told Adam I would stay to play the first round until I got kicked out, thinking it wouldn't be very long. I think we started playing around 7:30 - 8:00. We drew cards and we ended up on different tables so we didn't really get to spend any time together. There were 15 people at the beginning. We took a break at 9:30 for an hour to go watch Misty and Paul play a game of soccer they had scheduled. It was pretty fun to watch. They lost though pretty badly and Paul was pretty upset so he wasn't in a good mood for the rest of the night (at least while I was there). I finally got kicked out at 11:30. I took fifth place and I think Adam took sixth...might have been seventh. At that point, I went home while Adam stayed to play the second round. Poor dogs were starving when I got there. I really hadn't planned on being gone that long!

This morning, we cleaned out his work van, packed his suitcase, had lunch together and then he left to Utah. Mike will drive Adam to the airport in the morning. We brought Maria's bike back from GA and I put it and one of my bikes on top of the car before he left. Something happened though and when Adam got into the Utah Valley, he noticed that one of the bikes was now parallell to the ground. Somehow, the clamps on both bikes had worked their way loose even though I tightened them and locked them. It is really confusing to me! At least neither of them fell off the car.

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Stella Andes said...

Wow! You had a good run!

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