Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It looks like YOU'LL like it

I am home from work today sick and tomorrow is Adam's surgery, then Monday is a day off work to observe Martin Luther King day. Woohoo! I love long weekends...unfortunately I am not feeling great to enjoy it to the fullest but oh well. I am not terribly sick, just some sinus congestion and runny nose but it was impossible to sleep last night. I finally fell asleep sometime after 4:30 after Adam got me some Benadryl to knock me out. Then I woke up at 9 unable to fall back asleep. I was so uncomfortable propped up but it was the only way my head felt like it wouldn't explode. I hope a nap is in my future today. I do know we will be eating out tonight to celebrate Adam's b-day so I have to be up for that.

Well, today I have more food to share with you. Adam came home from a robotics meeting (he's an honorary member of the high school robotics team) and I was just pulling my dinner out of the toaster oven. I call it pepper nachos. I don't like tortilla chips so I used chunks of red bell pepper in their place. It also has cilantro, tomatoes, corn, black beans, cheese and avacados. I asked Adam what he thought. He looked and smelled it. He said, "Looks like YOU'LL like it. What's for dinner for me?" We've talked about how our kids won't be food picky. we're certain of this...yet we're both picky and in completely different ways so I don't think there's any hope. I already end up cooking two meals most nights...but there is an occassional meal we can agree on, like those stuffed mushrooms.

Pepper nachos

Homemade bean and grain burgers. Adam will actually eat these too, surprisingly. I put yellow mustard, yogurt cheese (the drained yogurt I make) and lacto-fermented ketchup on the bun and sprinkled that with flax meal and added lettuce, tomato and pickles. Yum!!

This was lunch a couple times this week. A baked sweet potato with butter and pepper and a bunch of frozen veggies with a TBSP or so of garden herb cream cheese. I forgot how good that cream cheese, I hadn't bought it in years.

And since I had time at home to make something different than my usual 2 scrambled eggs, I made stuffed french toast. The filling is yogurt cheese (for those probiotics) mixed with cooked down blueberries. And the rest of the blueberries put on top. Then I sprinkled the whole thing with flax meal. It needs more blueberries next time but it was good. Also, I forgot the cinnamon which I really like.


Anonymous said...

Wow...all your cooking looks so good and healthy...! I hope you feel better. (I like benedryl....i use it for traveling so I don't get motion sick husband appreciates me dozing off when he is driving..ha...otherwise I'd talk his ear off). Good luck on your husband's surgery. You'll probably miss out on some tlc for yourself as you will have to give tlc to him as he recovers! love,andrea

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

tom and i were convinced our kids wouldn't be picky eaters either. HAHAHA! we have one of the pickiest eaters ever. you are so good to cook when you are sick. hope you can enjoy your long weekend.... get feeling better soon!

Tiff :o) said...

Andrea, I do not like taking anything that puts me to sleep since I feel so foggy headed all day afterward. But I did actually take medicine most nights last week so I could get some sleep.

Heather, I don't always cook when I'm sick. In fact, we ate out the next 4 meals after this one, I believe. Ugh! I don't like eating out but I was out of energy...and I am sure Adam didn't want me breating all voer his food.

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