Monday, January 23, 2012

Green smoothies and my weekend

This weekend seemed busier than it was, I'm sure. Adam had his birthday party on Saturday. So I spent Friday evening vacuuming and doing general clean up. Mostly, I didn't do much since I was distracted by watching America's Funniest Home Videos.

Adam came home from the PO box with a package for me from a friend in France. A Christmas card (we don't check the PO box very often) and a bag of organic, French spices. There was a recipe on the box to use them in but since I don't read French, I don't know what it is yet. She said she'd translate it for me. So a nice surprise to start the weekend. :o)

The world was still wet on Saturday morning. I love the look of wet wood.

To start off my weekend right, I had a green smoothie for breakfast. It's a great way to get your greens in. Plus it was so good! This one was lots of kale (my first kale smoothie in my new blender...worked much better than my last blender), peaches, grapes, strawberries, mango, pineapple and orange juice. It made two large glasses full. I drank every last drop.

I first started drinking these when I was doing the raw diet. I can't reccomend these enough. They pack vitamins, minerals, fiber and yummy goodness.

After I finished cleaning, I went for a bike ride. Get this, it's in the middle of January and I was wearing shorts and a short sleeved jersey! It was around 68 degrees!! I am loving the warm winter. But I had to pass the garden on my way out the driveway and found all these water bubbles. I really liked the looks of them.

Action shot.

Back in the subdivision at the end of the ride, the sun was shining down a side road. I had to turn around to get a shot of it...I couldn't go by without one.

To prepare for guests, the dogs had to be loacked out. They weren't too happy about it. I wasn't thrilled with it either since the ground was still wet, but the deck was fairly dry and it was plenty warm out so they were fine. But they still tried to convince me they would be happier inside.

Even my nephews came out. I didn't get any pictures of them on the phone camera (I used it to take all the pics on this post, except the top one) so I don't have access to them right now. I watched Samuel a while and also played Mario Kart with Isaac. That's his favorite part of coming to our house. He LOVES Mario Kart and we are the only people he knows who has it.

After they left, the dogs got to come back in and hang out while the rest of Adam and his friends and I played games. We had pizza and cake.

We played a game called Iron Dragon. It was fun but long. I think we played for 4 hours. Adam was on the verge of winning. He deilvered a commodity to me so I payed him just enough to make him win so we could quit. See him without his glasses?

Bear was creating trouble. He kept laying under the table and people would accidentally graze him and he'd let out a growl. He finally settled in behind me, out of the way.

The dogs said it was a long, tiring day.


Andrea said...

Hi! ha..bear sounds like he's a bit grumpy! America's funniest home videos are very entertaining! Good old humor from the common folk! I love the animal ones the most...and there are alot of those. Your pics are nice...looks like your husband had a fun b'day! Your smoothie sounds good. I drink a smoothie each day is like instant vitamins! Your wet yard looks very healthy...neat you had it that was cold here, and in VA at my son's house where we were. love,andrea

Andrea said...

Me again! I just passed on the Liebster Award to you! I've heard of it prior, so now I know what it is. love,andrea

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

sounds like a great weekend! those are great pics... especially with your phone!

Tiff :o) said...

Andrea, Thanks for the award. I haven't heard of it so I'll have to look it up. Love the smoothies! Hope your weather got better out there.

Heather, these phone cameras are way better than my first couple of digital cameras. Technology just keeps getting better and better.

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