Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doggie doings

Last night it was stormy but I looked at the weather map and thought we had enough time to get a short walk in. I looked at the map again and it looked clear so we kept going. We got to the point where we make a turn and start heading back home...about 35 minutes from home at that point. It started sprinkling. I had the dogs running. It started coming down harder, and harder, until it was pouring. The dogs were troopers and kept moving until a lightning bolt lit up the world, closely followed by a loud crash. That's when a melt down started. They no longer wanted to move, they didn't know what to do. I hated to do it but had to call Adam to come get us. He was still sleeping (since he works 3rd shift). He came and got us though. The car pulled up and I opened the back door. Everyone piled into the back seat, including me. All 5 of us stuffed into the back seat is not a comfortable ride. Aside from Bear standing on my achilles tendon, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. They all got a good toweling down when we got home. They all love getting toweled down.

On a different note, Bear has a vet appointment today. He's been super nippy the last couple of weeks. He bit Adam when he tried to make him go outside. He was sleeping under my legs and I reached down to pet him. You have to be careful not to pet him suddenly because he nips when you surprise him. So you have to annouce what you're doing and touch lightly before petting. I reached down and petted him. He raised his head and looked at me and a couple strokes later, he was chaomping down on my hand (he's good at not breaking skin). I'm still bruised. Adam's grandma was over and she was petting him when he nipped her. Thankfully, he barely got her. He isn't as comfortable biting people he doesn't know. He's more grouchy in general. His nickname is Mister Mister. Adam started calling him Mister Monster. It fits him. Adam is concerned that all these fatty tumors he's getting aren't just fatty tumors after all and they're causing him pain or discomfort, causing him to act that way. It's true, he doesn't take pain well and gets very grouchy when he's sick or in pain. So maybe it's true. We needed a refill for Jasmine and Jack's arthritis medicine anyway so Adam will be picking up a bottle while he's there.

I know I posted this pic on Facebook but it's just so cute that I had to post it here too.

Proof that the sun came out this weekend.

Jack is spoiled. He loves fluffy dog beds and I have held out for so long, not allowing one in the living room since there's not a lot of space for something so large. But every time we would open the office door, he'd run right to the bed. So I gave in and brought it into the living room so he could enjoy it more often. He is always on it. Almost never even gets on the love seat anymore. It's funny how much he loves it. Every now and then, we'll find Tucker or Jasmine on it but it's mostly him who enjoys it.

This is Bear. Looks so cute and sweet...and he usually is, but there's a firecracker behind that cute facade. He hates to be outside when we're home. This is what he does to be let in. He cries softly and stands there until you can't stand it anymore. He knows what he's doing.

Here's Tucker with the dog barn that Adam, his friend and I built this past summer. I wasn't happy about the paint job but I'm ok with it now. I woud never choose to paint anything that way but that's ok. It's one less thing I have to do.


Anonymous said...

What dog barn?? just kidding...camouflage paint...ha..(a joke of my kids when they see something painted like that). ha...poor you... it seems so pathetic of a situation, yet so comical!! dogs sure have have many personalities I see there! Yes, the increase of grouchiness sounds like your dog might be in pain. (Just like people get grouchy!) love,andrea

Tiff :o) said...

Tucker and the barn are both camo. There wasn't much to see in tha pic. ;o)

Good news is the tumors are definitely benign (they did a biopsy of the biggest 3). Just waiting on some test results now. The vet says all his symptoms sound like thyroid problems.

Actually, the worst part of that walk was having to pile in the car with the dogs.

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