Monday, August 23, 2010

Past mall of Georgia 7-23-10

I kept looking at this road on a map and I decided it would be fun to ride on. I was wrong. It was too busy with not so great shoudlers

This is the side yard of a vet's office. The best I have ever seen. So pretty with all the flowers and of course, the hydrant is a fun touch for the dogs.

Relics from the past.

One thing Georgians love (but only pure bred Georgians from what I gather) is boiled peanuts. Adam and I passed a stand selling these once on our way up to North Georgia and decided to take the plunge. Those little stands are everywhere around here and they seem to do well enough. Let's just say they are like tasteless, slightly hard beans. Not something I ever want again. I don't know why they are so popular!

I saw a deer eating dinner.

I was a bad girl and wandered back on a trail that I probably shouldn't have been on but it wasn't signed so I don't know for sure. There were two small reservoirs. Here's the first one.

Lots of dragonflies everywhere.

Here is what Georgia's woods are filled with. Poison ivy and lots of different varities of thorns. You almost need a machete in some areas to brave the woods.

I jumped onto the bike trail and rode along the river briefly. There's a spot where an old mill used to be. All that's left now is the rusted out wheel and the dam that alllowed them to control the water for it. I didn't get any pictures of the wheel but here's where the water flows over the dam. It had just started to rain big, fat, cool drops which was a very nice relief.

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