Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fixing my car

About 3 weeks ago, Adam did some work on my car. He was changing the anti-lock brake sensor and mechanism since it kept locking up. Poor guy sliced his thumb right through the nail doing it. It really hurt him but he wiped it up and I put a bandaid on it and he got right back to work. My dad may have nicknamed me Tuffy Tiffy but I'm not that tough. He went over to his dad's house to get a tool he needed and his dad came over to help.

I thought that pic was kind of cool. He was tightening something that took a lot of strength.

This tool was used for breaking something free. It reminded me of the tool the aliens used to keep the guy's eye open while they put a needle through it. Kind of creeped me out!

I love that Adam and his dad have a good relationship. They work together really well and they laugh a lot together. Adam has learned alot from him about fixing cars and how to do house repairs. If we can't live near my family, I'm glad we're able to be near his at least.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

I wish you could live near us again! But I am glad that you can live near family that loves you...almost as much as we do :) Glad Adam and his dad can do so much together. That is a great blessing!

Us said...

Are you talking about "The Fire in the Sky?" I showed Debbie that movie and freaked out in the torture scene. Heather is right, we miss having you here, but it's great that you have family there too.

Tiff :o) said...

Whoops, I meant to say the name of the movie but I forgot. Yep, that's the one I'm talking about.

I miss you guys too....but I'll be there in September. :o)

Stella Andes said...

Great that Adam and his dad can fix your car. I will put him to work when he is here. Just kidding. I hope his trip will be fun, even if hectic.

Valerie said...

You and your alien obsession. :) hehe Great pic of Barry!

Tiff :o) said...

Sadly, it ibly stayed fixed for a couple of days. The old problem came back. So weird and frustrating.

Adam said he sent out a letter to everyone trying to get together with you guys but he hadn't heard a time/day that was good for you all so I hope he'll get to get together with you guys before he has to leave.

Bryan Meeks said...

Hahaha! Adam looks like he was happily drunk. So what was wrong with your anti-lock brake sensor? The ABS takes away a lot of the pressure from the driver when braking on a slippery road and keeps the wheels from locking up, giving you more steering control.

Bryan Meeks

Randee Colton @ CapitolHillExxon said...

I honestly can't explain the look on Adam's face there, but it sure does look entertaining! Good to hear that Adam and his Dad were bonded by their passion with cars. How'd they do afterwards? Were they able to fix the car?

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