Monday, August 23, 2010

Buford 7-18-10

I used to ride on this road a lot. But they have taken out the old road and moved it over. It's not moved a lot but it used to dump me out just before the bridge over I-85. The bridge has a small shoulder, but a shoulder nonetheless. It now dumps me out on the same road but about .25 mile from the bridge. The road is fairly busy and there is absolutely no shoulder. So I have to play a game of hurry and wait. I wait for a break in traffic and pedal as fast as I can to a spot with a slight bit of shoulder. I stop there and let the cars go. Then when it's clear I get back on the road. I have to do that 3 times. I don't like coming this way anymore but do it for a change of scenery on occassion.

The new portion of the road passes a small pond. This heron was walking near it so I parked my bike to get a good picture of it. He didn't like having me be there though so he moved.

I followed him.

He didn't like that either so he flew away to another pond that was too far off the road to bother I had bothered him enough already.

This is the new road...wonderfully smooth.

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