Monday, August 23, 2010

Dacula 7-22-10

Just a quick juant after work to Dacula. This is my usual place to ride to. It gives me about 20 miles and gets me home just in time for sunset and time to walk the dogs. Then I cook dinner and we then it's about 9-9:30...not that that has anything to do with this ride...

I took a side road I'd never taken before. There was this barn with a horse wagon in beautiful condition. I wonder if they ever use it.

Then further down the road, I found this little dirt road with this hand painted street sign. I really like the name of the street.

There is a house just across the main highway from my subdivision. They have 2 hourses and most evenings the daughter is out practicing with her horse in their arena. Today, she was out riding and the mom was working with this horse. The horses were kicking up lots of dust and the sun was shining just right to light it up.

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