Friday, April 16, 2010

Pollen plague...

Pollen floats through the air like crazy in the spring here. Everything is covered in a layer of greenish/yellow pollen dust. It isn't as bad this year as it has been in the past though. The flowering trees are not the worst culprits though, it's the oaks, pines, poplars, maples and sweet gums mostly. Each week brings a different kind of flowering tree or bush. This week we've got azelas and dogwood trees.

The back fence has had this vine growing on it for a few years now. There's honeysuckle and something else. They just flow over the top in a cascade. It creates shade for the dogs.

This is a bradford pear tree. I am sure they are more popcron like than the apircot trees they sign about! The smell is nasty though.

You can't truly see how bad this pollen was...but I took this picture before it rained that day and it washed it off and the pollen hasn't been as bad since.

These are dog woods and some kind of fruit tree, an apple tree, I think.

I love this spot in spring and fall because it gives a good view of the changing colors. Barry calls the spring green color "embryonic green". The dark ones are the pines. Oddly, the trees here come in the classic spring green and the beautiful flowering colors but also there are some trees that have red and/or orange leaf buds so it can look a bit like spring and fall at the same time.

The beautiful apple tree in our front yard. I watched the petals floating through the air this morning as they were blown off the branch.

The bright pink tree in the center is the same one from the previous picture, the lighter pink one is a cherry tree in our neighbor's yard and the one directly behind it is a bradford pear tree that has lost most of it's white blooms already. The white tree in the foreground is a dogwood. You can just barely see our roofline behind the apple tree.

I have no diea what this bush is but it was the most vibrant color I have seen. It has lost all its blooms now.
The other nice things about spring here is the foilage coming out and blocking views. We can ony see a couple of the neighbors' houses now instead of all the way down the road.


Valerie said...

I love all the trees you have out there. I would love to see them in spring in person, but your photos show they're beautiful. But I don't envy the pollen floating around. I didn't realize it got that bad.

Us said...

It's so pretty there! Too bad all the pollen is ruiing it for you. :( Itai would hate it! Good luck. :)

Stella Andes said...

All that flora is gorgeous, and I love the pictures you took. It's kind of funny about you writing pollen on your car!

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