Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jasmine's recovery starts

Well, Jasmine started out healing well. But I guess the pain or itchiness started to get to her and while we were away, she pulled her stitches out. I tried bandaging it up but in the end, the knee is an impossible place to bandage so we took her in to get restitched. They put 7 staples in and gave us an Elizabethan collar.

She hates the collar. She bumps into everything and it's hard to manuver in! Poor thing was trapped behind the loveseat when I got home. I'm not really sure how she got there in the first place.
She's supposed to wear it when she's not being supervised. So I put it on her when I went to bed and Adam took it off while I slept. I put it back on right before I left for work. Adam took it off after he woke up and let her in the back yard. She came back in missing some staples. So he took her back to the vet and now she has even more staples than before. Poor girl! They don't numb her for the staples! Well, I think Adam learned his lesson (I HOPE) and she'll be in the cone when he's not watching her. They put her back on the pain medicine so she'll sleep more until she's more healed up.


Us said...

She doesn't look to sad and pathetic in that collar. Have you seen Up? :)

Valerie said...

That doesn't look pretty, but your description of her resting the cone like a suction cup on the wall is soooo sad. Hope she gets better fast.

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