Monday, April 26, 2010

Day of the Wisteria

During spring break my ice skating class wasn't held so I decided to go for a bike ride instead. I took the paved part of Ivy Creek Greenway to the main road and went from the end of the trail onto the main roads into Suwannee. The wisteria was all over the place. It has a strong, wonderful springlike smell to it and it's gorgeous as well.

Suwannee Creek, I believe.


They look like grape vines

See the waterfall behind the wisteria vines?

bike trail

In Suwanee

Downtown historic Buford. I came to check out if any of the historic mansions had spring gardens and not a single one did. I was pretty surprised by that.

Cute house in Buford.

I was riding down a road when I saw a huge area of vibrant purple and knew it had to be a bunch of wisteria so I wandered over. Once I got there I realized I had been on this road right after I originally moved to Georgia. There's an old barn just out of the shot that I took a picture of back then and explored. It's fenced off now and the whole area is way more built up than it used to be. This particular tree had the wisteria thick all the way to the top. One of the best wisteria displays I've seen.

Here's the same tree at the top.
I enjoyed my bike ride a lot. Unfortunately, while I was riding my bike I was missing a meeting with the Adventure Cycling Association that I had wanted to go to but got the date wrong and thought it was on Saturday. Oh well...biking's more fun than the meeting would have been, I'm sure.


cfoxes33 said...

That is gorgeous!

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

So pretty! glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

Stella Andes said...

It's amazing how much vegetation there is in Georgia compared to Utah! We have snow again today, and likely will tomorrow for the walk. Still, I've seen some amazing blossoms!

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