Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen in the works

The kitchen is definitely starting to feel like a kitchen again. :o) Still, nothing is useable yet but its getting closer. Adam and Barry put in the new sink and faucet. The sink is a cast iron, enamled one. I love those. And the faucet color matches the drawer/cabinet pulls we have picked out (but haven't bought yet). It's bronze with copper highlights. The whole island section has a temporary wood countertop. That is really exciting because I was working with a 1.5"x1.5" piece of wood for a countertop. We have the wood for the other sections of counter too but it just hasn't been installed yet. The open floor of the kitchen is not real big but it's big enough to move around in. With all the cabinets and counters it will be MUCH more useable than it was before. I'm excited to see it all finished. We finally decided on what we're doing for the floor. We've had these Italian marble tiles we got for free from some surplus after my company finished putting in a new floor at the corporate office. We were never sure what we would do with them, if we'd do anything at all. There are 3 colors, off white with brownish and black specks in it, black with whitish specks and a splotchy grey color. The grey doesn't really match but the black and white ones go together really well. We're going to do a groutless checkerboard pattern with the black and off white tiles. We'll probably have anoff white border around the whole thing depending on if we have enough black or not. Adam's always wanted a checkerboard floor and now he'll have one for a bit.

New sink and faucet

View from dining room

view from stairs/hallway

building the base for the corner pieces that were originally made to be wall mounted, not floor mounted

leveling all the cabinets and screwing them into place (that was ALOT of work since our floor is not level in any fashion)


Stella Andes said...

I can't see the pictures, but it sounds great!

Us said...

Your house is going to look amazing when you're all done! You guys are really good.

Valerie said...

It looks so great! I love your faucet and sink. Glad you figured out what to do with your floor and that you already had tiles.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Wow! It is looking so good... and will look amazing when you are all done. I'm sure you are looking forward to that day. you guys are doing great work on the house. Very talented!

Stella Andes said...

It's really looking great!

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