Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jas had another visit to the vet

I noticed this big lump on both sides of Jasmine's incision that I hadn't seen before and I got worried about it. It was very hard. So I took Jasmine in and the vet said it is the new ligament they put in. The leg had been swollen so I hadn't seen it. The swelling has gone down and made it noticable. She checked Jasmine's knee for stability. Everything felt great. Jasmine got up and showed off her walking skills for the vet. The vet thought she was doing well and looked at her chart and saw that it hadn't been a month yet and she said that in that case, Jasmine was doing really well and was impressed. Jasmine still hopps on her one good leg in back but she puts weight on it more and more now. She didn't hop once while we were there or limp at all. Actually, she hasn't really limped when using that leg in a couple of weeks now. The incision looks really good. A couple more weeks and her life can return to normal (i.e. she'll be allowed outside as long/often as she wants with the other dogs and she can start running again). She's lost some of her conditioning though since this all started so we'll have to work a bit to bring her back up to where she was then she can join the pack on a group walk. It will be nice since it's a timesaver and everyone seems to walk better (but Jack especially) when she's along. She seems to be a calming influence on everyone.


Valerie said...

Glad she's doing well and the lumps weren't an infection or something.

Us said...

That's one tough puppy you got there! How scary! If I had found the lumps I'd be freaked out. I'm glad it's nothing bad.

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