Monday, January 26, 2009

Poison Sucker

Adam calls dogs poison suckers when he's sick. If a dog lays with you, they suck the poison out of you. The longer they stay, the more poison they suck. Stripe, his dog that died 2 weeks after I moved out there, laid with him for hours every day when he had cancer. That's why stripe died of cancer, you see (of course, it doesn't matter that every one of his dogs has died of cancer ultimately).

Adam woke up today not feeling too hot. He had the day off so he was going to go to church with me but since he really didn't get much sleep last night, he decided not to come. This evening, I gave him Bear to suck out his poison. Bear's good about laying with/on me when I'm sick but he doesn't really do the same for Adam. He did actually lay on Adam for about 30 minutes though so maybe he sucked enough poison to make a difference tomorrow. Adam has to wake up at 5 to do a printer install. I hope he gets enough sleep and that he's feeling better!!


Valerie said...

Is he feeling better now? How is Bear? :)

Tiff :o) said...

Adam's better now. lol...Bear's good too. I don't think he sucked much poison.

Stella Andes said...

I must not have looked at blogs for a few very busy days! I'm glad Adam is feeling better and that Bear was willing to be with him to give comfort if nothing else.

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