Sunday, January 18, 2009

A 10 mile ride with Jasmine

I keep telling Adam that Jasmine is my new biking buddy and that she'll go on some weekend bike trips with me this year. He didn't believe that I would ever take her on any real bike rides though.

Yesterday, after walking Jack and taking Bear on a shorter (2.5 mile) ride, we drove out to the bike path in Boise out to Lucky Peak Dam. I showed it to the Mendozas when they were out here. We started 5 miles from where the bike trail ends so we could do 10 miles.

It was super cold out, 32 degrees so I was bundled in lots of clothes. I left my biking shoes at home and wore my hiking boots. That was much warmer for my toes. I hooked Jasmines trailer up to the bike and off we went. I let Jasmine do far more running than I planned on. It was our first ride with the trailer though and I didn't want her to hate it because she had to spend too much time in it. I only towed her 3-4 miles throughout the entire ride. She kept surprising me with all the energy she had!

There were some mishaps. She jumped out of the trailer while I was moving. I now close the front screen. She pulled us over trying to get to a beagle. It's very odd for her to react to another dog like that. I don't know what got into her. Other than those two things though, I really had a good time. And I know Jasmine did too. She slept on the drive home and except for eating dinner, she slept pretty much all evening as well.

Now if only Bear would let me carry him in a trailer, I could tire him out like that too!


Stella Andes said...

Wow, Tiff! That is great! Looks like you had a great time overall and will do it again.

danwinnemucca said...

Hey Tiff, I left a post on my blog too, but I was wondering about your trailer, how do you like it? I need to read more dog touring blogs, I guess I never really thought there would be resources out there!

chrisnallynkids said...

Cool bike trailer. Is that one made for dogs? I have only ever seen the ones that are made for children! I was just wondering if maybe that was made for kids but you used it for your dogs. I don't see why you couldn't!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks, Ally. Yeah, this is a dog trailer. The biggest differences from a kid trailer is that is has a firm floor, a back door for easy loading and instead of seatbelts, it has rings to leash your dog in and the shape. Of course, I could use a kid trailer if I put in a stiff floor and took out the seats which usually means cutting them out. Too much work.

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