Sunday, January 4, 2009

No more jogging for Jasmine

I finally decided that the roads were dry enough to take the dogs running with the bike. I knew Bear would take off like a rocket since he's been begging to run lately but I wasn't expecting it from Jasmine. She usually just trots along beside me but not this time. She ran almost the whole first 1/2 mile. After that point, she settled into a trot. She's definitely getting stronger legs and she's loving it. Now the dogs are strewn across the floor, stretched out and asleep with wonderful dreams of running in their heads.

Since the road we rode on in Wanship was straight, the dogs didn't need to know directions but here, there are options so on our walks since it's been snowing, they've been learning left from right and what they mean. For whatever reason, I have trouble with left and right. I know which is which but I almost always say the wrong one so I learned the traditional dog sledding words for left (haw) and right (gee). Since they're new words to me, I have to think harder about which is which and I usually get it correct. So on today's ride, I was testing them by faking a haw, then saying gee or vice versa. Both Bear and Jasmine did very well. I'm so proud of how well they pick things up now.

My mountain bike (the one I use in the neighborhood with the dogs) needs a complete tune up including truing the rear wheel. I guess I know what one of my evening projects will be soon. I guess I've been lucky that it lasted so long. I bought it from a thrift store in 1999 and really haven't done any work on it, other than putting new tires and seat and rear wheel on it.

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