Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 miles to sleep

Today, the dogs and I drove out to Melba and went hiking. I was looking for a park that would have been really cool. It was an old Paiute spring camp area. They have rocks with Indian art all over the place. I only had a hand drawn map, not directions so I never found it. I pulled into a gravel parking lot for a gravel trail that led to the Snake River somewhere beyond where we made it to.
We did find some coyote scat here and there but I wasn't too worried about that. After all, there were tons of cows wandering around, still alive. Plus, there were some people somewhere beyond eyesight, but still within earshot riding dirt bikes...they obviously weren't being bothered by them. What did worry me was the cows. Jasmine, Jack and I were attacked by a cow last year. She charged us many times. The last charge was so scary! If she had had horns, we would all have extra holes in our bodies. As it was, her droll was on the dogs from when she was shaking her head at them. Anyway, I am now really scared of loose cows because of that cow. I started praying for safety but when one stood up and started walking toward us, I turned and walked as fast as I could in the other direction.

We had a few water/snack breaks. We brought along the new collapsible water bowl from Grandma & Grandpa. No one had any problems with using it. At one of those breaks, Jack and Jasmine actually laid down. We ended up going 5 miles. I was going to take one more side trip but the sun was getting low and it looked like rain. So we went back to the car, had more water, another snack and loaded everything back into the car. Within minutes, all 3 dogs were laying down and settled. That never happens. We've been home for a few hours now and aside from the time to eat dinner, they have all been sleeping soundly.
I love hiking. I'm glad I got to go with the dogs.

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Valerie said...

It looks like a cool place to go! Alex LOVES that first photo with Bear. He kept talking about it. :)

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