Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photoshop Art

I am really bored so I was going through my pictures on the computer. I found these pictures I "drew" in photoshop a few years ago. The one of space is finished, the elephants are almost done but the other two are not. The lake and the lighthouse pictures were pictures on a brochure for Georgia state parks that I no longer have but that's ok because I doubt I'd ever work on them again. The lighthouse picture has a main billowing cloud...I probably spent 5 hours on that cloud alone and the water took me a while too. I was so proud of it but I didn't put that much time into anything else so everything else just looks so flat. Of course these are no where near the quality of Mike and Mia's work on the computer but I haven't dedicated my life to it either.

1 comment:

Michael Mercer said...

These are really quite good! Most people's first photoshop experiences don't produce beautiful images. I particularly like the elephant silhouette!

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