Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thrift store withdrawls

I've really bee wanting to go thrifting lately. Probably because I really want to get out of the house, or maybe it's because there's almost nothing in the house so I feel a need to buy a few things, or maybe it's because I haven't been to one in close to two months. I think that's it! Anyway, yesterday, I was dreaming of making the rounds to all the salt lake Savers and DI's. Pretty soon I'll be living within 5 miles of 5 DI's, 1 savers and who knows how many others...I saw two smaller ones (one I know for sure is good) while I was there. Maybe I'll even live close to a used book store! Living near stores will definitely have its advantages. I do love living in the country but I also go through periods where I miss getting to go shopping close to home. I can even ride my bike to stores in Boise. Riding my bike to buy books...what could be better? :o)

Oh, and while we're on the subjecy of books, Adam gave me a wonderful birthday present. He wasn't going to tell me but I made him. He shipped all my books that we left in Georgia to the house in Boise. :o) All my books (except for the box that got destoryed in shipping) will be with me again. I'm so happy. :o) He went through the garage in our Atlanta house and got rid of everything we still had in there. We had to leave some furniture behind, my books and a large box of sports/outdoors stuff when we left because of weight and size issues. He shipped all the boxes, and gave away all the furniture. So other than our house, we no longer have anything in GA.

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