Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 1 Green River - Goblin Valley State Park

On Friday, the day before the ride started, I went down to Green River where the group was supposed to meet and have dinner while we were briefed on the route. I got there early enough to set up camp at the state park and go for a ride to check out the town before dinner.

The next morning, we packed up and left as a group. We had a couple of turns to make that would be easy to miss so Cheryl led us through those turns then we were left on our own...but we still rode together more or less for quite some time.

We ended up riding on some gravel roads then getting dumped out onto an old, unused, unmaintained paved road so we had it all to ourselves. Just before the road met up with the main highway, we went through this area that reminded me of the pictures I've seen of Black Hills.

Lots of cool looking rocks for most of the day.

If you zoom in on this picture you can see all the colors...purple grass, yellow rabbit brush, green weeds and all the browns. I really was impressed with all the colors.

When I finally turned onto the road for Goblin Valley, I was pretty tired and getting a slight headache but the scenery was beautiful.

Sand dune close up.

My only large wildlife sighting.

I went on a wild goose hunt for some pictographs and didn't find them. A couple of couples invited me to come sit in the shade of their RV and gave me an ice cold juice. It was NICE! We talked for about 30 minutes and the longer I sat, the worse my eye got. So I finally made my exit. The more I rode, the worse it got until I couldn't even keep my eye open anymore.

Finally, I made it to the park. I was so excited to see all the hoodoos but first I had to set up camp and eat dinne and rest my eyes since one was hurting so badly.

I did eat dinner and set up camp but when I laid down and closed my eyes, this throbbing became so strong that I almost couldn't bear it. I went to take a hot shower to break up whatever was blocking my sinuses. When I was mostly done with the shower I realized I had forgotten my towel in the tent. The headache wasn't as bad once I got back tot he tent but it still was hurting and my eye was worthless so I accepted the fact that the thing that I was most looking forward to seeing on this whole trip was something I would still not be seeing. I was sad but couldn't really do anything to change my circumstances and went to sleep.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Beautiful pics, tiff! sorry your eye made it so miserable for you! dang allergies!

Valerie said...

Sad! And no towel with you? Ugh. You did get lots of pretty pictures while you could see. I'm glad you were able to make it even with just one good eye.

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