Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too little time...(and almost no pics)

I enjoyed my time with my famiy but it wasn't very long...and I was busy spending time with people that I forgot to get my camera out until the last day...and I didn't even hardly use it. Most of my pictures turned out blurry so this is pretty much all I have. Sorry if you don't the picture of yourself...and even sorrier if I didn't manage to get a good one of you.

Valerie wasn't mad, even thogh she does look a little mad, she was just listening to someone.

I am always worried that the youngest neices and/or nephews (starting all the way with Alex when he was 2) would forget me between visits since they weren't all that often. So it's always fun when one of them remembers me and loves me. Thanks Avi. :o)

It was so good to see everyone. Next time I'll have more time to spend with you all.


Us said...

You better!! :) It was great to see you, even though it was brief, but we'd definately like to see you more!

Valerie said...

You didn't get many photos. That's okay. We remember you were here. :)

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