Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7 Monticello - Moab

The morning started off cool and downhill. But as I rode along, I started getting warmer and warmer until I had to take off my warm layer. The scenery was beautiful and varied.

Wilson arch. I heard we'd be passing it today. It's right on the side of the road so you can't miss it. I had just pulled up and parked my bike so I could hike up to it when a couple from an RV came over to talk to me. One of their daughters had crossed the country by bike years ago. They were impressed and the husband said, "Take a picture of the crazy girl next to her bike." So she had me stand behind my bike and took a picture. I then hiked up to the arch and actually stood in it.

I came back down and the couple told me that if they had known I was going all the way up, they would have come up with me. She took my picture for me with the arch in the background. They offered me water, a sandwich and use of their bathroom. I declined all the offers but thanked them. I got back on my bike and kept moving. It was about a mile up the road that I remembered the man from yesterday. I wished that I had asked them to be sure to stop and offer him water if they saw him. I thought about turning around and catching them before they left to ask them but I figure they were probably already gone and surely would be before I got back there so I didn't do it. And then it was all I could think of for the next hour or so. Again, I was too selfish to go a little out of my way to help someone else out. I need to change.

I stopped at Hole In the Rock. It started out as a stop for stage coaches, then became a restaurant and the owners began carving out a home in the rock. Now there's a huge home inside the rock and a bunch of tourist trap kind of things. The owners are dead and you can pay money to tour the house. I didn't bother. But I did buy an ice cream there and browsed the shops.

After that, I stopped at the rest are and ate my lunch under some giant shade trees. Mark was there as well. He had gotten a flat and was repairing it. We left at the same time. We didn't get very far before it went flat again. He stopped to replace it again and told me to tell Rob to come get him if he wasn't in by an hour after I got in.

The ride just kept getting prettier and prettier. I can see why people like Moab.

I got to Moab and stopped at a bike store to see if they though my rim had one more day in it or if I needed to replace it. They finally said they thought it would make it. As I was biking down the road to the campground, Mark was walking his bike in front of me. I was amazed. The third tube went flat so he was walking when a German couple in an RV offered to drive him to town. They dropped him off right at the intersection. He spent the evening getting everything out of the tire so it wouldn't happen again (he got it).

I had gotten to camp early enough that after eating, I wandered down the street and found a thrift store. I looked for a certain something for Sheri that she's been looking for...but didn't find one. Not that I had extra straps to strap it down with anyway...but I would have figured out a way. Instead, I found a book. I debated but in the end, I bought it.

Back at camp, Cheryl had bought a cheesecake to celebrate Rod's birthday and mine. Everyone got a piece. Yummy!

There was a party going on in the yard next to the campground. I laid in my tent and read until my eyes kept closing. I fell asleep with the music blaring and slept very well.

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Stella Andes said...

Wow, that was cool. So funny that you didn't tour the home. I bet it wouldn't be worth the money they would charge. It's good to see what you went through. I know you enjoyed it...just haven't figured out why yet. I know -- the challenge and overcoming things to show you can do it. Also to see the scenery. I will opt for a car drive for that!

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