Thursday, July 8, 2010

Statham & Rock Springs rides

On Saturday, the 3rd, I went for a long bike ride, 30 miles. I drove out to Statham and parked at a church then headed down the road. I had directions to where I wanted to go but the road took a turn that google maps didn't show. So I just went exploring.

some unique yard art along the way

I think this is the Middle Occonee River. There is a rope swing hanging down which looked like a lot of fun and would have been very refreshing but I rode on by.

The largest tree house I've ever seen.

I passed a field with three horses and made a pit stop to pet them. I asked them if they were nice horses that didn't bite or kick each other because I didn't want any of that. In response, this guy reached over and bit the horse next to him. Not the response I was looking for!

I found refuge in the shade of this tree that was in the process of ingesting this old fence.

See, it's eating it. I even caught its mouth on camera!

Downtown Statham

I made it back to Statham but wasn't done yet so I went in another direction. I landed in Bogart, a sleepy little town. This is half the downtown and nothing was open.

I jumped onto a narrow road with loose chip seal. There was absolutely no traffic and I was loving it! I passed this little waterfall on the side of the road and had to backtrack to get a picture of it. These kinds of things are things I like about Georgia. You don't see this too often out West.

I just lved this old house being all patriotic. And I loved how social the porch looked with all that seating.

Then the road deposited me back at the church where I parked. I went home and worked in the future garden for four hours.

Monday was a day off from work so I wanted to take another ride. But we woke up early to help out some friends with their backyard. Then, we had lunch with Lanette and Maria. By then, I was exhausted and contemplated a nap. I finally shoved myself off the couch and went out for an hour.

I rode up to Rock Springs Park. I took Jasmine there once. This time, I decided to try the dirt trail.

It has a suspension bridge over a ravine.

Lots of vines and trees.

But then it gives you back to the bike trail. It leaves you having to climb a steep hill (at least for those out of shape, ME). But your reward at the top is the pond filled with lily pads. Those shower head looking things are what's inside the flowers. The petals have all fallen off. I never knew that before...very neat!

Lots and lots of lily pads.

This sad tree was all alone.

As I was taking pictures of the lily pads, this dragonfly came by. He kept leaving and coming back. I was trying to get a picture of him flying but those all came out blurry...but the ones of him being still came out ultra clear.

Then I had to head home. I would have been happy to continue my ride but since I was so tired, I was just as happy to head home.

After I got home, we went to the hospital to visit a friend who is on bedrest there until September. We were going to play agame but Adam brought one that we hadn't played before and it took too long to organize the cards. By then, I was too tired to think about playing anyway. Then back home to walk the dogs, then we all ate dinner and I crashed in bed.

I had caught up on sleep this week (well, kind of) but last night I was up until midnight giving all 4 dogs a flea bath. Now I'm tired again.


Valerie said...

You find the prettiest places...and strange things like a fence-eating tree...and always take such great photos of them.

Stella Andes said...

Your pictures are great. I love the shower heads on the lilies. Never knew that either. I think northern Georgia is very pretty...definitely prettier than southern in my opinion.

Tiff :o) said...

This riding in new places have definitely given me a better appreciation of the beauty that Georgia has to offer. I like it much better than the last time I lived here. But I will be very happy when I get to go live back out West.

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