Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today's bike ride

I can wear shoes again, for longer than a dog walk. Poor Bear would have been better off had I not put shoes on for that walk...but I didn't know what was in store for him, of course.

I parked at a church with a large cemetery. Most churches around here have a cemetery. I went to look while I was eating an apple. Lots of people buried in the mid-late 1800's. More modern ones too, of course.

This fence was around a grave of someone who died in the mid 1800's. That has to be the most ornate fencing I've ever seen.

Lots of green fields right now. I can't tell if they're actually growing something to sell or they're not being used anymore. Probably hay fields.

I came across this wonderful set of blackberry bushes on the side fo the road. Most of them are a little tart but I cautiously ate one and it was one of the best berries I've ever had. So I pigged out on as many black ones that I could reach.

Then I came across this non existent house. All that was left were 2 chimneys, one on each end of the house and the stairway. The oak trees on either side of the entrance made for a nice shade break.

I was riding by a field and happened to see this stripped dragonfly. I passed by but decided that I had to turn around and try to get a picture of it since I'd never seen such a cool looking one before. I couldn't get very close because every time I tried, he would fly away and I had to follow him.

I was desperate after 11 miles to find a restroom somewhere. I hadn't passed a single place with one (at least not a public place). I sat down under a mimosa tree and ate an orange and half of a giant carrot. I spotted a yard sale down the road a stretch so I rode over and asked if I was anywhere near a gas station. She said there was one not a mile from where we were but then she asked if I needed to use the bathroom. She was so nice. She let me into her house and I was so happy! At least in the back roads of Utah it's easy enough to find a place far enough away from houses and between passing cars that if there's an emergency, you can go outside...not here! When I came back out, she asked if I had enough water and food. I did but thanked her profusely for letting me use her bathroom.

Pretty sunflower next to the mimosa tree.

Here's the flower of a mimosa tree. I didn't know until this week what they're called. I always just called them old ladies.

I passed by this house that was the most unique house I saw all day. They had paintings done on the outside and they were done really well! I think the house was least all the other sides were but I couldn't tell about the front. It was kind of falling apart on the other sides. I really liked the front!

The garden was pretty too.
Close up of one corner. Very nicely done.

Kudzu field.

I passed a lot of tree farms today. This section is growing crape myrtles. All the flowering trees were so pretty!

Seeing as how I love barns and farms, this little collection of barns caught my eye. I love being able to ride in the country.

All ride long I was dreaming about those berries so when I passed by them again, I pigged out some more! Yum!


Valerie said...

Very pretty pictures. The sky looks so blue and clear. Super cool photo of the dragonfly.

Ken and Jen said...

I love the dragonfly pic too! I have never seen one like that before. Jen

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