Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tucker's toys

What can I say, Tucker LOVES all his toys. He can't have enough. And I try to give him new ones periodically so he doesn't get too bored and decide that something more valuable is better to chew up. He hardly has any dog toys, they're mostly stuffed animals from thrift stores. This last batch came from his Grandpa Barry though. He was getting rid of a bunch of his stuffed animals that he had been collecting, dogs and bears and beanie babies. He told me to look through them and take any that the dogs would like. I took all of them that didn't have any beans in them. It came out to be 3 dogs and 2 was a really big bear. I call it a Tucker sized toy. He really seems to like the big ones. He gathered them all around him and gnawed on one for a second, then moved on to another, until all had been chewed on. But his favorite is the big bear.

He brought the bear with him to eat.

He tested them out for comfort. I think they passed the test.

And then he played some more.

Jasmine and Tucker have been playing tug-o-war with it every time I come home. Jasmine likes the toys too but no one is as thrilled with them as Tucker is. He's just a toy kind of dog.

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Us said...

What a nice grandpa to bring Tucker such wonderful toys. He really looks happy. What a cute dog!

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