Sunday, June 13, 2010

My stump puller

I came home from work one day to find this. Adam had chainsawed all the branches off our bushes. He had pulled one of the 8 stumps out with his Yukon. He had also done the same to two of our crape myrtles. The ayrd has to be regraded so it doesn't flood the basement every time it rains and these were all in the way. There's still one more tree that has to go but we hae to pay someone to do that since it's the tall pine tree in front of the house and next to the power lines.

Branches from 3 of the 8 bushes. That white wood was there from when Barry redid the bay window. The branches had grown in around them and we couldn't get them out so we had to look at them in the living room.

Sadly, this is my mulberry tree. It even had ripening berries on it. It was hanging over the dog pen and dogs and mulberries are not a good mixture. Plus, it was hanging over the area where I want my clothes line to go.

The branches from the other bushes.

Adam with his favorite new toy. It's a stump puller that you attach to the back of the Yukon. The more pressure that's put on it, the tighter it gets. He had great fun using it.

The first stump he pulled out with it. It was the largest of all of them. He was quite proud of his truck!

Barry and Mike came the next day and helped get the rest of the stumps out as well as chip the branches.

Unhooking the last stump.
Turns out our house was really dirty behind the bushes and will have to be pressure washed but not until the hole that was causing the flooding is closed up.
Adam wasn't planning on doing this all already but he gave me a portion of the front yard for my garden and it's a long process of getting it ready to plant in so he got started right away and figured that if he had the tools out, he needed to just do it all.
So now I have my hole garden area to work with. But it also means that we have no bushes as our natural curtains anymore. We've never been able to see out the front window before since the bushes were so tall so we never worried about curtains. But now that the windows are wide open I have to figure out something for curtains. One of my many projects to work on now.


Valerie said...

You guys make me (and most people) look so lazy with all the work you do. Okay, I am lazy, but still. I hope your garden turns out just the way you imagine it and that Adam keeps having fun with his toy.

Tiff :o) said...

Actually, Adam does most of the work. I get to say we but it's mostly not true. And you're not take care of three kids and a house.

Us said...

You guys really do a lot of work! That's a ton of bushes on top of that trailer. It's nice to have that cool "toy" and a truck to do the work, but I hope Adam isn't too sore from it all.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Wow! I agree with the others. Y'all do so much work on your property. I hope you getting looking the way you want it soon! Then you can relax.

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