Monday, June 14, 2010

Using my anniversary flowers

Remember all those flowers Adam gave me for our anniversary? Well, I hung the roses and a few other flowers to dry. The rest of the flowers wre not good drying flowers so I kept them as long as I could but ended up having to throw them out. I found this silver vase(?) at the thrift store. Not really sure what it is. And I also found a silver plant pot stand at a thrift store. They don't belong together but I like them together. They are completely tarnished and Adam jokes about cleaning them up for me but I love patina! So I cut down all the rose bunches (I can't even begin to remember how many dozen there are) and filled the vase with them. It's on my dining room table. The table cloth is also from a thrift store. I really LOVE thrift stores! Great prices for some quality stuff...of course you can get junk there too but it's amazing what some people decide they no longer want. I like giving new life to things.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

looks beautiful! way to find those treasures!

Valerie said...

So pretty!!

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