Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost in Arcade

Ok, back to the same day that I went to the farm park and found the abandoned house. After I was done trapsing around the house, I got back in my car and made my way back to where I was trying to get to. I stopped in a gas station and washed off my arms, legs and face to get as much poison ivy residue as possible. Then I parked at the church and set off on my bike ride.

View from the church parking lot.

After a few miles I passed a sign for Booth Memorial Park. I like reading about history, and since this was a memorial, I figured I would find out a bit of history, I pulled in. Turns out it was an old family cemetery that was donated to the city. It' still kept up as a cemetery for that family. This headstone was the oldest. I couldn't quite make out the birth date of the two people on this headstone but they were both born in 1790 something!

This was a different headstone with beautiful, relief carvings on it.

Prime farming land...anything will grow in this fertile soil out here.

Passed by Bear Creek Reservoir. I road up to the parking lot and the attendant let me in free. I was unclipping my pedals and I gashed up my right calf pretty good on the pedal that got scrapped along the ground in the accident a couple of years ago. I think it's the 5th time it's gashed me. I think it's time to take a dremel to it.

This is Middle Ocoone River. I took a wrong turn not too long after this and ended up in Arcade. Then Adam called and said they were going to be wrapping up the game soon so I turned back and I was riding with a nice tailwind this time so I got back to the car much faster than I had gotten out to the furthest point. I got home in time to take a shower while theyw ere putting things away so I was right on time.

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Us said...

Sounds like fate! Your ride was perfectly timed and you found some amazing places. I was a little surprised when I first read you were in an arcade. :)

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