Sunday, May 30, 2010

Revisiting the farm

I am behind and this was actually 3 weeks ago now. That farm park I found had an event going on that Saturday and Adam was having his friends come over to play a session of D&D so I already knew I wasn't going to be spending the day at when I found out about this event while riding through the park on Thursday, I was totally excited.

I wanted to get there around 11 or so so I would have plenty of time to go inside the buildings and see what all was going on. But after getting all the fruit and veggies cut and all the other food laid out, I only had one hour to explore the park. I started by stopping at the blacksmith shed. I talked with the blacksmith about blacksmithy stuff and how it all works. He was making a spoon.

Then I stopped by the main farm house where a woman, the "farm wife", was cooking dutch oven food and moitoring the children who were dipping candles and churning butter.

I took up some of her time and found out that they will be ahving an event there called "A civil war Christmas." and they're looking for volunteers so I am going to get in touch with her about that. :o)

I took a tour through the house. You could only walk down the main hall and peer into the 4 rooms off of the hallway. Each room was decorated as if it were in the late 1800's.

Back door overlooking the orchard.

Isn't it a beutiful house?
Down the front porch steps, I stopped at the hand quilting booth. A woman who hand quilts had a few baby quilt tops on display (not quilted yet) and a basket of hand sewn squares she is working on. I talked to her some. She told me though that you should never use a hand sewn quilt because they're much too fragile. That didn't sit too well with me since I know that's now true....or maybe she doesn't make her stitches close enough to last...I don't know.

Then I wound around back down to the little 2 room cabin in the last post. 2 black woman were down there. One was playing the guitar and they were singing black gospel songs. Then they started getting into a conversation and it was appearant that the "daughter" was acting and she was doing a really good job, with accent and everything. Then I got to go inside the cabin and take some more pictures.

By then, a car had pulled up and they were loading up their stuff into the car and all the booths were disappearing. I didn't get to see half the stuff they had going on. Now I have to go to the next one. ;o)

Walking back to the car, I passed by this picnic table that hadn't been undecorated yet...I want one just like it (but it needs the same setting). :o)

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Stella Andes said...

I just saw this a moment ago. That's cool. I do like that house! I love how "you" it is! Great pictures!

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