Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is good...let's go for a ride

The weather has been so nice so the road calls to me...I must obey. :o) I drove out to Dacula after work one day and road some of the backroads without really knowing where I was going. I love exploring new roads because you just never know what you'll see. I don't know what my problem was in the past. I said Georgia wasn't pretty. But the traffic and crowded roads were really what I had a problem with. Now that I've finally resigned to the fact that to get a decent ride in, I have to drive just a little bit, I have come to terms with Georgia. I still don't like the humidity and I like the mountain views and being able to see the sunsets and sunrises more than the trees here but the trees are pretty and I am really loving the scenery away from the crowded parts of the state I can't say I'm in love with Georgia but I am finding it very pretty this time around and I am enjoying my biking here. Exploring new roads and areas is keeping biking fun for me here since I really only had two routes I could take before.

I got onto Luke Edwards RD from Harbins RD and there were lots of large houses with large, manicured lawns. Honeysuckle draped over the trees and bushes, giving off their sweet scent. I don't know what it is about honeysuckle but every time I smell it, I can't help but relax my body and inhale deeply. It's thick in the air this time of year and riding out in it is just amazing. It makes me happy.

As I was looking at this hill and thinking about climbing up it (it's not that big, I'm just lazy) I passed a park entrance. I stopped in to take a look at their trail map. A little over 1 mile of trails. I wanted to take a ride but I decided that if I had time on the way back that I would go ahead and stop in. But I didn't pass back by that way. Maybe another time.

Old house site with a pretty, flowering bush. There were still some short brick pillars just out of the frame. I think they were the foundation.

Mountains in the distance!

Happy cows come from Georgia...they told me so.

Stormy looking skies had me on edge but they never opened up. Lots of honeysuckle in this lot. Yum!

I was impressed with this house. I don't know if it's new or just has new siding and roof but I really like the looks of it....farmhouse meets cabin type of feel to it.

These are the types of trees I thik of when I think of rural Georgia. Lots of them out here and they are quite large and great for shade. This one was big but is probably more of a medium sized one for this type of tree.

I laughed when I saw this little pond. Nothing like swimming and fishing at the same time.

There are house/sheds/barns all over the place here that nature is taking back. I think this one was a house but can't be sure. Notice the lovely honeysuckle enveloping it...aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, sweet honeysuckle. :o)

Biking is so great! I can't explain why i like it so much...it just makes me feel good. It's different than a car ride because all of my senses are actively engaged and I am go slowly enough that I can see everything, even an ant making its way across the pavement. I can stop when something moves me and take it in more fully. I feel more connected when I ride...connected to the earth, to my spirit and to Heavenly Father because I am constantly amazed at the wonderful things He's created for us, the things he has given us to make life more enjoyable. I am so thankful for being able to have a working body that allows me to get out and enjoy those things and for being in a time and place that allows me to do that. Life is great!!


Stella Andes said...

I love the pictures you take! Those mountains in the distance you mentioned really are in the distance, aren't they? Anyway, it's great that you are blooming where you're planted!

Charles said...

Love the photos and info here. I live in Sarasota and am interested in biking in Georgia. What would be the most scenic places with paved trails? I'm looking for old bridges, abandoned railroad tracks, etc. I record all my excursions with a mini DV camcorder mounted on my handlebars, so I can relive my scenic trips over and over. I'm dying to get to your area soon. Thanks a bunch for any info you may share.

Tiff :o) said...

Charles, you didn't mention how long you wanted the trail to be but I think I have the perfect place for you. I don't generally ride the trails so I don't have a lot of different trails to choose from. Most are pretty short around here. But there's one that starts in Symrna (I think I spelled that wrong), GA and ends that the GA/AL state line. But there's a connecting trail that continues on into Alabama for 30 something miles to Anniston, AL.

It's called the Silver Comet trail and you can easily find trail maps for that online. It's about 90 miles long, plus the 30 miles in Al so it would be a good 2-4 day ride. There is only one campground along the way that I know of though...but there are some cities as well that have hotels.

It's an abandoned railroad trail that has been paved over. There's trestle bridges and a tunnel. The beginning 15-20 miles tend to be busy, especially on the weekends, but past that, you don't see too many other people. There is a section toward the GA border that is not part of the old railway so it's got more challenging hills (that's what I've been told) but I don't think I've never ridden that part so I'm not sure how bad the hills are.

Hopefully that helps you out. I hope you enjoy your visit to GA!

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