Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Discovering McDaniel Farm Park

If I leave work and go home then I have to almost turn right back around to make it to the public session at the ice rink on Thursday nights. So I decided to take my bike to work with me and ride somewhere while waiting for the session to start. I heard of this park and passed by the sign for the turn for the park many times but was never curious enough to go to it. But on the internet I had seen that there was an old farm house in the park so I decided it would be worth a visit at least once. Plus, there were bike trails so I could get a ride in and see an old house...two of my favorite things....history and biking. :o)

From the parking lot you can see the big barn and the big vegetable garden. I got excited because I didn't realize it was kept up as a farm. But as I went down the trail, I didn't see any other buildings. Instead, the trails went back into the woods. It was nice and shady and breezy so I was really enjoying myself. It opened up in a field occassionally.

One of the petals was almost as big as my hand...big flowers! This is for you, Sheri. ;o)

Most of the trails were paved but this one wasn't. It was also a very nice trail, all in the shade. Toward the end, I came out of the woods and saw this little cabin at the top of the hill. It was so cozy and cute. I had to wind around the trail to get to it to look inside the windows.

This was in one of the two rooms of this cabin. It was one of the only pictures that didn't have glare from the window in it. I really like the way this pic turned out...if only that stereo weren't there!

I really liked the look of this outhouse. I opened up the door and it was a one holer but there was a piece of wood screwed over the hole so I have no idea if it was real....I'm thinking it's not since this is a museum type of it didn't smell like it was real.

This is what was on the table in the other picture, a crock with sourdough starter (really empty but that's what it's supposed to be), a dough bowl, a rolling pin and some wooden utensils and an oil lantern. I really like this little cabin. I found the farm house too. But it was closed up like this little cabin. The next post will have pictures of the farmhouse because I actually got to go in it on a subsequent trip.

This is the view I was greeted with when making my way back to the paved trail from the cabin. Itwas so magical.

I spent too much time there because I was just really enjoying myself and loving life. I was late for ice skating but it didn't even bother me.


Stella Andes said...

Beautiful! (Yes, you are, but I meant the scenery.) That was really cool. Makes me want to go for a walk along the river trail or something. I have been wanting to just go sit and listen to the river or just enjoy being in the quiet without work thoughts interfering with the solitude. I don't even know that it's possible for me to forget the stress of work, but it would be heavenly. Your pictures are great, and I love the descriptions.

Valerie said...

Glad you are finding so many beautiful places out there!

Us said...

I don't know why I read that as Old McDonald Farm but for a second I thought it was really funny. It looks amazing there! I'm pretty jealous actually. :)

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