Saturday, October 18, 2008


Valerie asked if she and the kids could come for a visit. We were, of course, glad to have them come. It gave me the motivation I needed to empty the trailer of the boxes. The couches and bed drawers are still in there though. I found my dishes and silverware the day they came but didn't have time to wash them until the day before they left. I had washed all the blankets but when getting ready for their arrival, I found the pillows but not the pillowcases and one of the air matresses I planned on letting them used needed a pump I didn't have so I started blowing it up by mouth but didn't get very far. They got here on Wednesday night, kind of late. The dogs were allowed in but were kept on leashes, tied to the railings while we played a board game. Luckily, they brought a couple of air mattresses and pillows and blankets so I wasn't in as bad a shape as I was fearing.

Thursday they went to the Children's museum while Adam and I worked. The Mendoza's and I were getting ready to run to the grocery store when someone from the ward dropped by with homemade granola, bread sticks and a pizza. That was really nice! While waiting for Adam toget home from work, we took a drive out to Lucky Peak. We stopped to take some pictures and Valerie almost got clobbered by a picnic bench seat that wasn't attatched but despite dropping her camera, nothing was injured/damaged. After dinner, we played two games of bowling. Adam was overworked that day and had to work while at the bowling alley. The dogs were tethered when inside still.

On Friday, the Mendoza's went to the mall while Adam and I worked. The kids joined me on a walk with Jack. They got to pet him for the first time while on the walk. After we got back, they went outside and played with the dogs. All three were throwing balls for Bear but after Jack barked at Sabrina, she went to the safety of the deck and Elisa started playing with Jasmine. It was so great to see my dogs getting along with the kids well enough to trust them alone out there. While they were doing that, we cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, rolls and gravy. This was the first meal we got to use non-disposable plates, cups and silverware. We waited a little bit then went to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. On the way back to the house, Sabrina managed to make her belly button an outie! Overnight, it returned to an innie.

Saturday, we had a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We went to the park and played graces and played on the playground. We bought a soccer ball at Walmart, which really didn't get used and when we were back at the house, I asked the kids if they wanted to give Bear his new ball. Within minutes, he had popped it! Oh well, he'll get a lot of playtime out of a flat ball too, he always does. Then we said our goodbyes. I think they should be home by now, or at least very close!

I stayed up later than I normally do so I will be going to bed early tonight!!

Thanks for coming guys! I really enjoyed your visit!

(These are the most in focus pictures I had of them playing.)

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Valerie said...

Thanks for letting us come! It was nice to see you. Alex said that Bear looks so happy in that last photo.

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