Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grasshoppers, Gracie & CFL light bulbs

I was out mowing the lawn for the last time. I was wearing sweat pants. I sat down at the computer to work and a couple of hours later, something in my pocket was poking my leg and scratching me just a little. I felt my pocket to see if I could figure out what was in there...I didn't rememeber putting anything in there. I felt something, so I stuck my hand in my pocket. Well, I feel something but it's not in my pocket, it's between my pants and my leg. I pulled the band out to see what it was. It was a big grasshopper and I freaked out. I stood up and swatted at him. I managed to get him off of me but in the proccess, I amputated one of his back legs. I called the dogs over to eat the grasshopper but they wouldn't do it. Yuck...I hate bugs crawling on me!

Each night, I tell Adam that he needs to do something toward finding Gracie a new home and he just tells me that she wants to stay so I remind him that if she does, she'll end up as dog food. He finally sent out an email at work yesterday and Gracie has been claimed by a family of four with one other cat. The catch is that they can't take her until after we get back to Boise because they are leaving on vacation today. So he at least gets one last weekend with her. I know Adam is really sad about having to give her up. If he's anything like me, he'll bawl after he gives her up (I did after giving Chewy up). But she'll have a much better life not having to be locked up so she doesn't get eaten.

We've been using CFL light bulbs for a few years, except for in this house since we won't be here long enough to recoup the cost. Anyway, until today, I didn't know that you shouldn't throw them out in the trash. There is mercury in them that, once broken, will seep through the ground and into the water contaminating it. In fact, if you break one, you should leave the room and air it out for 15 minutes before cleaning it up. They should be recycled at special CFL recycle centers. I don't know where any of the recycle centers are but you can go online to find them if you use those bulbs.

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Valerie said...

Thanks for passing on the info on the CFL light bulbs. We use those in many of our lights. I assume we've thrown a few out, although I can't remember if any burned out yet.

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