Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Boise

The drive to Boise, once we finally got on our way at 4PM was uneventful. I did have to stop around midnight to rest my eyes and eat something though. But was feeling well enough to make it the rest of the way after that. Gracie kept me entertained...I know, not a good thing while driving but I enjoyed it and she kept me awake that last little bit. She climbed into my lap and started playing with my sleeve, than started playing with my hand and clawing and biting me. Her teeth aren't as strong as I remember other kittens' teeth being.

We got here around 1ish and unloaded our mattress, the dogs' kennels, our blankets and suitcases and promptly zonked out.

The next morning, I was not feeling so good. My stomach was out of whack for a couple of days but got better. Then I got dizzy for 2 days. Adam followed my health trend the next day but instead of getting dizzy, then better, he got sinus problems and is still dealing with those right now. Poor Adam.

Neither one of us has felt especially motivated to empty the trailer. So far, I only managed to empty the garage of the things from the last trailer load so that when we do empty the trailer, we will have the room to pile them into the garage.

I found the zucchini and tomato plants in the front yard was happily surprised by the huge quantity of tomatoes! I think it was two days after I got here, cold weather set in and it snowed. So in the very cold, wet weather, Adam and I went out and picked about 50-60 tomatoes to save them from certain death. Not all of them made it but most of them did. Now I have something to can. :o) Some of the tomatoes left out on the vine, way more than what w pulled, survivied but some did not. We'll see how many more we're able to manage to use. The zucchini didn't fare as well but it did look like a few might still make it.

I took a couple of days off from work when I got her since we didn't get the internet at first. Now I'm back to working and I find it very boring but it's much better than so many other options that I shouldn't complain.

I have made a goal today that I intend to meet! By the time we move again, we will have less stuff, not more!!! I will have to figure out what I'm willing to get rid of...I know there are things here I don't really need, no matter how useful I think it may be to keep around.

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Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Poor Adam! Yay for you finding the veggies. That probably made your day! The house looks cute... you will make it cuter (he he) when you get the motivation to unpack. I hate moving!

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