Monday, February 13, 2012


I have been working hard at home...getting a lot done. But most of it is not least not in pictures. So here's some random shots from the past week or so. Ever since I found out that the camera phone is a fairly good camera, I have been taking way more pictures and having a lot of fun with it since I always have a camera with me. :o) Not all of these were taken with the phone but most of them were.

I have entered the 2nd month of logging my food for the GI doctor. This month (starting today) will be gluten free. I made myself a batch of buttermilk pancakes as a farewell to gluten for the time being. Next month is dairy free. Both months will be tough!


Anonymous said...

I love pancakes! I have to make some soon. Yours look delicious! Nice pics...the dogs are just too cute....they like to have their picture taken! Good luck with the dr. and logging your diet. love,andrea

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks. The first day (yesterday) we met friends at a pizza place. I was good though and only had salad and the cheese from one slice of pizza that my husband decided he didn't want.

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