Monday, February 6, 2012


I learned something cool this week....actually, 2 somethings. 2 of my pictures have inspired 2 different people to paint. One is doing a painting based on one of the rainy pictures I took recently and the other is doing a mural from a picture I took while on my backpacking trip...which reminds me, I never did a post on that so I need to cause it was pretty. Later on that.

Here's my pic that inspired the mural:

Here's the mural:

It feels kind of like winning a contest...even though I don't win anything. lol

This weekend I worked on a major project which isn't finished...not sure when it wil be, or if it ever will be. But I will talk about it soon. And I finished another project I'd been working on for a few weeks so I can finally blog about that too. The pictures are in different folders though since it took such a span of time so that one will probably not be up for a few days, we'll see. All I can say is, Pinterest is so cool!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really neat, what your picture was used for! You need to go into business with your photography! love,andrea

Us said...

That's so cool! You're art is a permanent fixture in someone's home!

Tiff :o) said...

I'm no sales person, Andrea, that wouldn't work out at I don't get enough pictures good enough to sell. But thanks for the pat on the back.

Jared, I know. It's cool. She's not done yet though so I am interested to see what it will look like in the end. She says my picture and another friend's picture inspired I am assuming the next part will incorporate the other picture.

Valerie said...


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