Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pride in his art

Adam's siblings are all very artistic. Their parents have a wall in their house where they display their children's art. Adam is artistic in his own way...not with pen and paper but with power tools. He creates some wonderful things...just not art. He has always felt bad that he was the only child not represented on the wall. Even his sister-in-law has a painting or two on the wall.

Last year, I had a brilliant idea. I had found some pictures Adam drew while in elementary (5th grade). I picked the one I liked the best and asked his mom if she would be willing to hang it. She thought it was a great idea. His dad made the frame and they hung it and even covered it with a white tea towel. He had no idea what was up and we had an unveiling party. His mom made a speech about how Adam had many talents that they just weren't able to put on the wall, and that finally, they had something they could hang. When the towel was removed, he was beaming like a little kid. It was so cute!! He was so happy to be included on the wall. He still points it out to everyone that comes to dinner at their house. In case you were having trouble guessing which is his, it's the very colorful hand on the top row. I just love that he is so happy about it. :o)

His mom has gone through the attic and gotten rid of all her kid's them to who they belong to. In that bunch of stuff, there were a couple of pottery pieces he made (in elementary again).

This one sits in our bedroom usually. It's our coin jar.

I haven't found a home for this one yet but it matches the kitchen cabinets almost exactly so it will be hung in the kitchen somewhere. It is a vase for small flowers. But I am thinking it won't hold water so it will hold a small amount of dried or silk flowers.

My pottery never turned out very well...which, I assume, is why I have none of what I've made.


Anonymous said...

Ha! You know....his artwork is even more special because it is a classic now! I love pottery...I remember making it in 7th grade art class. We would mold them, and watch the teacher use the pottery wheel on them! Then put them in the kiln to glaze...It is hard to find any real pottery these days! love,andrea

Tiff :o) said...

You can find's just really expensive. Ocassionally, I'll find something at the thrift store. Do you have any of yours left?

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